Staying Healthy and Strong in Positive Vibrations

Staying Healthy and Strong in Positive Vibrations is essential at any time of the year.  It can be more challenging for some people during certain seasons, such as Winter, when it gets colder.  Or for some, it could be Spring, when there are more allergens in the air.  Any change of season can make it necessary for the body and mind to adjust.

In addition, emotional events can trigger physical responses which can cause people to not feel well.  There are many ways or reasons that one can not feel well.  There are also many ways or reasons that one can feel well.  There are seasons in life when things can cause us to feel down.

Remember, first and foremost, that we need both physical food and spiritual food, that the Lord Jesus heals, and Father God is our Source and Provider, and that the Holy Spirit also guides us, protects us, and loves us in all situations and in all ways.

We can know that we are a branch of the tree of life, we must be firmly rooted and aligned in both the physical and the spiritual for strong mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

We can know that our Lord Jesus is the living vine and we are the branch.  We must know and receive life through the vine in order to be healthy and bear fruit – to be productive and create good things which in turn serve our God and His Kingdom.

Here is a list of key points to staying healthy and strong in positive vibrations that I have received in guidance from the Lord Jesus and confirmed through life experience.

  1. Start by asking to be Strong and Healthy before the Holy Lord God. – You must ask and receive above anything else.
  2. Spiritual Deliverance if there is anything blocking you from asking and receiving.  Worry tops the list of what could block you, along with unforgiveness of self or others or God.  You need to love yourself and believe in order to be able to even ask – so clear that first and receive.
  3. Get around positive people and remove yourself from the negative people.

Joels Osteen talked about it more in this message about the Power of the Soil:

Just like seeds, we need to be planted in good soil, around good positive encouraging people.  We need the sun to shine on us, in our case the Son of God. Then we can fully blossom in life.

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