30 Ways to Have Good Vibes

30 Ways to Have Good Vibes and Raise Your Vibration in Love

“All I want to do, is have some fun! I got a feeling, I’m not the only one!” – Sheryl Crow

It seems that we all want to have fun in life, we want to feel good.  This is innocent enough.  We are all children in some sense or another, as we were born as children and our Creator sees us as children.  Yet, it seems like depression and anxiety can be the norm around stressful areas of intense work competition, drought stricken areas, and unfriendly social situations.  Everyone has needs and when they have to compete to meet those needs or feel like opportunities have past by, stress can come in which can lead to depression and or anxiety.

So we have to act like adults.  Yes, truthfully, we must be responsible.  We can’t just hang out at a bar and expect that drink or smoking or eating away our trouble will make things all better.  We all know that to some degree or another.  Let’s be fair though, it is innocent enough to want to feel good and therefore we cannot judge anyone.  The fact that things aren’t perfect in this world cannot be put on any one person’s shoulders; it’s been past down and the burden people carry is not for us to judge, but rather we look to a higher source for restoration of our peace, love and prosperity so that we can live joyfully in freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without harming anyone or anything. 

The worst thing we can do is ignore our responsibilities or get too stressed out.  There has to be a balance.  In the search for balance, we need solutions for our everyday lives.  Perhaps it’s something from the past, or something looming in the future.  Or maybe it’s the environment.  It can be anything, internal or external.  It can even be spiritual or energetic. It seems there are so many factors.  

Truly, the worst thing we can do for our happiness and joy is to get stressed and overwhelmed.  Stress leads to anxiety, health problems, depression, and much worse if it continues.  Yet, sometimes it’s almost unavoidable, certainly not intentional, it just happens and so there must be a way out.  We all need help and support from our environments, from others, and ultimately from the source of life itself, our Creator. 

This list of solutions is meant to be taken lightly.  We do not suggest these to be all inclusive or absolute, but simply for the sake of making suggestions for solutions that may lighten up someone’s stress and help them to raise up their vibration toward love, rather than turning to anything that could be potentially harmful to themselves or others.  

List of solutions:

1. Environment – creating a positive environment for yourself or finding one to be in.  If you are feeling stressed out or not well, then maybe you could try changing where you are located, if possible, for a while.  You can see if changing your environment helps you feel better. 

2. Having a purpose in life and keeping focused on it. This is helping in keeping you moving forward in your daily life.  Ultimately we need hope for something bigger than our daily lives. 

3. Friends – being with friends, traveling to meeting friends, or having them come and visit you.  Friends can help your attitude, your situation, and can allow you to the opportunity to help someone else as well. 

4. Smile – practice it, smile at others, find a reason to smile, and be with others that smile.  If you can’t find a reason to smile, well don’t force it.  Just keep looking and keeping open to it.  When out to the store, go through the check stand with the checker that looks the most happy.  Happy vibes are contagious.  Avoid the negs and don’t be one. Be sure to give a complement on something you genuinely appreciate even if you don’t feel super happy, go for a positive comment and flow with what makes you happy, this can lead to a smile for you or others.  Something funny is a gift.

5. Pray – Praying to be happy is a beautiful prayer.  It can be so common to pray for what we think will make us happy, but instead we can simply pray to be happy.  This simplifies the path to be happy.  Happiness often comes from the simple things in life anyway.  And being happy attracts more happiness.

6. Notice What Brings You Joy – Taking note of what makes you happy is a great way to be aware and then avoid that which brings you down.  Do what brings you bliss, change your life to live in that beautiful vibe.

7. Beauty – Beauty is natures way of attracting life and the brain natural synch’s up to it.  Beautify yourself and live in beauty; whatever that means to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Being in beautiful surrounding like nature is a wonderful way to bring you back into alignment with the love of the Creator of All That Is. 

8. Talk to People Randomly – If you are in a social area, it’s ok to be social.  Or if your environment is anti-social, then find a social group or social area and just talk to people randomly.  Perhaps you’ll notice someone else who is isolated and could use the support of a friendly “hello”.  People don’t always respond well to a “stranger”, but maybe it will open them up to the next time someone says hello, or maybe it will open them up to being slightly more positive.  Even if they resist, they heard you, and give them space if they need it.

9. Love Everyone – Rather than judge, love others, love everyone, and it opens yourself to loving yourself.  Everyone is made from love in some way or another.  Everyone is somebody’s child, certainly the child of the Creator.  Let us love everyone, as Lord Jesus Christ instructed, as did so many great poets and prophets and wise people throughout history.  A stranger is someone we just haven’t met yet – this is a famous saying (I’ll add the reference here as soon as I get it!).

10. Eat Healthy High Vibrations Foods – For example, florescent green vegetables that are glowing with color, or a rainbow of colored foods.  Think, eat, and enjoy beauty.  Love ourselves and love our bodies as a holy temple.  Eat whole nutritious foods.  Take time to find organic Whole Foods, wash them well, prep them for a great variety of delicious delightful blissful foods.

11. Don’t Feel Obligated – All these things and ideas and ways to be happy are just ideas and suggestions, you don’t need to feel obligated, because that can just make you feel guilty when you don’t do them.  Rather be open and remind yourself that there are always solutions.

12. Solutions – Just knowing there are solutions to problems can give relief to stress. Sometimes stress comes just from thinking things won’t change, or there isn’t a solution.  Faith is a huge massive gift, because it’s real, there is more than the current moment or current circumstance.  Yes, we need to be in the moment and enjoy life the best way can in any situation, but looking forward to something better, or keeping hope open to something better is important, because it is truth.  The Creator of All That Is can recreate and resurrect and renew.

13. Writing and Journaling – Writing and journaling can bring you awareness to all the things mentioned above.

14. Take Pictures and Record Video – Capture the great moments or things that you like in life.  Then, when you are feeling a bit down, you can can bring back in the memories of good times.  Remember the full circle of life.  Nothing is lost, except maybe our earthly physical things, including our memories, truthfully they do fade, but they are not lost – they are captured in the spirit and in the soul.  Just talk to some people that have had a glimpse of heaven, it’s all there, and you can live again.  No worries.  Take some time to take pictures, record video, in addition to your journaling, so you can relive and re-experience and take a glance at the beauty of life.

15. Supplement – Often stress uses up a lot of your internal energy reserves, including vitamins.  First and foremost, go for a healthy diet, that’s so important.  But sometimes even that isn’t enough.  It is common to hear about the latest greatest vitamin, supplement or med.  Once you’ve first set a foundation of healthy eat, healthy exercise, healthy environments, and healthy social groups, then look at supplements before going to medications that have side effects.  For example, B-vitamins are known to help reduce stress, yet it’s common not to get enough. B vitamins are also known to be the best bang for the buck, meaning that they can be affordable and reduce stress significantly.  Also vitamin D3 is known to reduce fatigue and give great energy, that’s because the body is designed to make it in the sunlight when it’s fun-time!  Yet in winter time, it depletes and causes the hibernation feeling to come on.  So get lots of vitamin D3 when it’s go-time!  And of course, get your full spectrum from foods, test when needed to make sure your blood stream is full of what it needs (if you can do that, do it).

16. Comfort Zones – Sometimes you need to be in your comfort zone.  It’s not always about being out of your comfort zone.  Stay supple, go with the flow, even when it means staying in your comfort zone or getting out of your comfort zone. It’s really about change it up.  Sometimes you got to get out of your comfort zone.  Do both.  Get in your zone and get out of your zone.  Leave behind what isn’t working and try something that could work better for you and perhaps even help others too.

17. Music and Dance – Music and dance is an incredible way to get into a higher vibe.  Search for and find music that works for your vibe and takes you higher.  Find other people that like similar music and enjoy dancing.  Feel the vibe and flow with it.  

18. Praise and Worship – Praise and worship can take you even higher than just music and dance without a purpose.  The purpose is always love in some way or another, loving the music, loving your body moving, and loving the Creator of All That Is – for creating you and creating music and dance and friends!  Woohoo!  Enjoy life!

19. Speaking of Love – What about love, loving others, and being open to intimacy, when it’s appropriate.  We are created out of love and we are here for love.  In a practice sense, we are also sexual beings as part of the grand design of creation.  Well, in the least, we all need intimacy.  Love based intimacy is the secret.  What leads from there is between you and who you love and your higher power.  The message here is to love one another in a way that is true to love. 

20. Helping Others – Helping others is a great way to increase happiness because it feels good to help others.  Wow, does it feel good to be helped!  As I was writing this, I knocked over a bowl with some pumpkin seeds left in it and didn’t even realize it because it fell under the table.  Someone kind came over and swept them up for me . I was so thankful that first of all I didn’t have to feel bad about it, waste too much good food, or have to clean it up myself! Instead I was incredibly thankful and it lead to a nice conversation.  He said “No worries, it’s job security for me. And I’ve seen worse, this is nothing.” So kind!  I thanked him and we talked briefly, after a short bit we were calling each other friends!  And trust me, I’ve cleaned up after other people before too, and it felt good to help them.  Helping each other, loved ones, friends, or people we don’t even know is a beautiful and wonderful thing which leads to incredible happiness all around!  We love helping others here at Sync Vibration and we love it when people help us! 🙂

21. Trust – Trusting in the Creator of All That Is, even when things are not going well or looking good, is another great way to find happiness.  It’s so common to hear and get bad news.  But when we trust something much much higher, we can rest assured that things will be okay.  In fact, the more you trust, the more you will experience that things are okay or that things that are bad can be turned into something better.

22. Take Your Socks Off – Put your feet on the earth.  Walk barefoot.  Feel what it’s like to live a bit more bare.

23. Kiss Someone! – Ask for and give a kiss to someone you love!  When healthy and appropriate of course. 

24. Wave “Hi” to a Baby 🙂 – Aren’t they cute?  Yup, they are.  Innocence and beauty go hand in hand.  Say “hi”!

25. Expect Good Things – Don’t always feel like you’re missing out, or it’s not happening for you.  Ask and receive.  Sometimes, one thing needs to come before another.  Or maybe you need to take initiative, still don’t beat yourself up when you’re not, rather ask for the next step, ask for help with it.  We all need help sometime.  Be innocent.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Be patient.  Ask for what you need to do or how to receive what you need.  We all need love.  Put yourself in alignment with what you love. Be ok with a “No” and don’t give up. Ask in another way, be blameless, stay calm and carry on.  Expect good things will come.

26. Say “No” – Don’t be taunted or haunted.  Say NO to the negative vibes or negative voices or negative people or negative thoughts!  Stand your ground.  Say who you are and what you want and what you are and what you want.  Be patient in standing your ground.  Hold onto your values and take back your power.  Realize who are you, someone special.  You are unique.  What others say and do doesn’t necessarily apply to you.  You can belief in yourself.  Be careful not to judge others, so you are not judged, then you can respectfully not take judgement from others.  Being and living in LOVE is one of the most powerful way to feel comfortable to saying NO to what is not in alignment with your own point of power and say YES to what is!  You don’t have to fear.  You can say no and you can say yes.  Your unique free will is a beautiful thing, when living in alignment with love – there is no judgement and nothing wrong with loving yourself and others.

27. Wear All White – It’s so purifying… Or at least it feels that way.  It doesn’t really have to be all white, maybe it’s all gold, or pink, or all silver, or all black… What works for you.  Mix it up.  Add a flower, or a heart, or a cross, or a diamond, or something that adds life, perhaps a picture of someone you love or who loves you. We’re talking about raising your vibe here. Having something that makes you sparkle, or feel special, is a great way to set yourself in a place of self-love.  What works for you in a loving way can bring happiness, just feel your way into it.  Be clean, be pure, be happy. 

28. Take Time to Smell the Flowers – As simple as it might sound, taking a little rest and enjoying the smell and beauty of some flowers is a wonderful thing.

29. Enjoy the Breeze and Waving Trees – Just sitting and enjoying the breeze, watching the trees wave as the wind blows by, and being in peace with nature is a wonderful amazing way to have good vibes.  Good vibes are the natural rhythm of the Earth.  

30. Get Back to Work – As funny as that may sound in this happiness article, making progress on what you know you need to do in order to move forward in life can bring a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and therefore happiness.


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