The Synchronicity of Love

Love can be looked at as the synchronization of the vibration of two loving spirits in a positive increasing way.

Love is the intangible coming to life!

Spirit is Love and we experience love in our spirit through our heart.

Love proves the existence of Spirit and the existence of Spirit proves Love.

Our individual lives are a creative expression of Spirit’s love – we are made out of what Spirit is made of, being made in God’s image.

We could even say that existence is the physical manifestation of Spirit’s Love.

We are designed to Love, as though we are all one, because we are all One through Spirit.

In creating love in our lives, we first feel the love, then we create an arc of love that connects to someone else’s love, usually someone that is sending out that same or similar vibration of love.

We express our love through a unique perspective as an individual.

Through the love that we find within, the love that is given to us, we experience the love that we have for existence – existence of ourselves and existence of others.

In being open to love, we fully capture the joy of various characters of life, the unique self expression of individuals that we are creating out of our unique life experiences.

That is LIFE – seeing it as it is and loving “what is”.

As a source of love, out of the Source of Love that we received in Spirit, we all live the best we can through love in our unique circumstances.

This experience of loving “what is” requires us to raise our vibration to the higher vibration of Love.  And when we do that, we set ourselves up for the synchronicity of love.

Yet life appears sloppy to some … dreary even … Why?

Life appears sloppy because it is creative in all possibilities.

Part of being a child of our Source Creator who is Love is learning to be a co-creator in all the possibilities, which is in essence freedom, free will and free thought.

This life of love we are talking about is miraculous, yet sometimes challenging for a child of Love.

Practically speaking, people get tired of just living.  They want the dream.  They want what we want in the spirit, in the imagination… that’s what we are all living for, the higher creation of Love from where we all came… from the intangible to the tangible.

Sure, the practical realities of living in the physical can be sloppy, dreary, and dark.  Yikes!  Yet the flip side of that same coin is beauty, joy, and light – expressions of Love.

We live through the circumstances that are opposite of love, that are simply physical and void from love, SO THAT WE CAN GET TO LOVE.

We can love even through tough times and get to the higher place of love expressed as joy, happiness, and exuberance!  We experience good to great to amazing circumstances to the point where we praise what gave us love!

We love what we love.  That genuine love is what brings people together through the synchronicity of love like magic.  It is in fact a true miracle beyond physical explanation.

It is a miracle that what you love is miraculously brought to you through the way the universe works.

The synchronistic nature of love was designed in love, out of love, for your love, and through love for you and all Spirit’s children of Love… simply put, it’s just the way love works!

Alignment to the Synchronicity of Love

Getting into alignment with what you love, others you love, and the source of love, puts you in alignment with receiving love simply by the design of the universe. It is the synchronicity of love simply working its miracles.

The reason why we synchronize our vibes to Love is for the sake of all of us – it is the bigger picture design of life, the purpose of creation, and the reason why we all exist.

Our spirits and The Spirit – the Holy Spirit, exist within the Spirit of Love.

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