The Mars Dust Storm and lessons for Planet Earth

The Mars Dust Storm and lessons for Planet Earth

This reminds me of the giant hole that’s being dug into the Cupertino mountains.  It’s a visual hole that you’ll see in the mountains when in Cupertino area of Silicon Valley / South San Francisco Bay Area. People have said it is emitting mercury into the atmosphere… as if our atmosphere doesn’t matter.

We can take a look at what it looks like over time when dust is emitted into the atmosphere.  Just take a look at the Mars dust storm.

“Mars wouldn’t be nearly this dusty if it wasn’t for this one enormous deposit that is gradually eroding over time and polluting the planet, essentially.”

 – By in | July 27, 2018

Most Mars dust comes from one place

Granted, the mining on planet Earth is small compared to that 600 mile hole on Mars emitting dust.  But a mile here, a mile there, spread around the Earth sure adds up.  Expecially when things start heating up on the planet, things really start to get dusty.

Dust is a huge problem in certain parts of the world, like India, as is pollution from fossil fuel burning.  As if it’s worth poisoning ourselves and future generations just to generate some energy that the sun does freely.

Sure, when the population was small, the planet could filter this out.  Now, it’s a new era coming on.  Population has to balance itself with nature otherwise things will get a little unpleasant here on our beautiful planet Earth.

Huge appreciation goes out to all those who care and clean up after themselves! And even more so to those who help raise awareness and help clean up the planet proactively.  Let’s not mess up a beautiful thing friends!

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