Accept that Rejection is on the Path of Love

The truth is that rejection is on the path to rising up in love; that, oh faithful friends, is a good thing for many reasons.

Consider for just a moment that if Lord Jesus had not been rejected or had not accepted rejection then He would not have made it to his stated mission of dying on the cross to save the ones he loved from their sins.

Also consider that Lord Jesus, who received his crown in accepting the cross, had to reject and cast out evil throughout His path on the way to the cross.

Nothing is impossible with God, as Jesus stated on his way to the cross.  He knew the truth that God had not and would not reject Him, in the end, because He knew God and He knew that God was Love.

Jesus was God’s beloved son.  Being rejected was in the path of being received by the ones who did truly love Him for who he was.

Lord Jesus had to sometimes use stern words in casting out the evil of this world, on those who condemned goodness because of their own fear that they might get in trouble for reaching a hand out to the lowest people in the worst conditions.  They took a good rule like resting on the Sabbath day and made it into a hard-hearted rule like forbidding the healing of someone (or even picking some grains for food to feed his hungry friends) on the Sabbath – a designated day of “no work” according to the “rule of law”.

The truth is that good intentioned rules can be turned to evil when they restrict love.  The truth is that fear of those rules, fear of what others think, fear of not looking “right” by the standards of litigous rules, and the endless list of fears that result from good intentioned social, religious, or even judicious rules, can turn good rules into evil by restricting love which is good.

Lord Jesus set things right by telling people to follow the rule of love, love God and love your neighbor, the higher and greater rule than any other rule – thereby overriding other lower rules.  The lower rules were actually intended to love and protect others but they were turned around and used to restrict goodness thereby essentially causing evil.

The teachings of society, the social rule book that is, may tell people that following rules and having certain prized possessions will make people happy; that working harder is the only path to success and everyone must work for what they have – even stating to make the point clear, that “money does not grow on trees”.  However, the truth is that happiness comes from receiving and experiencing love; it is about “who”, not “what”.  It is about who you know, the love you receive, the love you give, and the fullness of joy from love that overflows into giving generously to others.

Yes, we all need essentials of life; yet those who have the basic essentials of life around the world are often the most happiest people in the world because they have a community that shares together in love; giving and receiving generously of what little they have.

In fact, money does grow on trees – fruit grows on trees and it is worth money in the marketplace, the leaves of trees make tea and provide healing which is worth money, the wood of the branches is worth money.  Even fossil fuel comes from trees shedding leaves and branches long ago, which is worth money today.

Truthfully, God provides all good things – good people, good days, good nature, good love, good food, good community – goodness overflows in abundance in God’s generous creation on the planet earth, by design, as humanity multiplies and covers the earth, sharing in resources in compassionate ways bringing God’s love and comfort to all.

Anything and everything of any value at all comes from God.  It is only those who reject this true wisdom that bring in fear of lack and therefore seek to take away the freedom of living in God’s love.

There is no lack, only lack of love, and that is what stands in opposition to the path of love.  That fear that stands in opposition to love is what causes rejection of what is good.  Facing rejection is part of the path, so it is wisest to accept the rejection and keep on going.

Rejection is part of the path so it can be welcomed in knowing that you are on the path of Love.  Casting out the evil in what otherwise would be good and seeking to act in love, be in love, receive love and give love.  Ultimately, with a world in the psychology of fear of lack, loving people cannot be on the path of love without rejection.  In a world where fear of lack exists, there was and still is worldly rejection on the path of the Holy Spirit, of Love, of God.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we know that He lived in love, not fear, accepting rejection of Himself, who was truly good, while casting out and rejecting evil, on His path to conquering death; being put to death on the cross and rising from the grave.

Fear not, friends in faith of Love.  Shine your light, in Truth and Spirit, walking in His Wisdom.  Accept rejection willingly on the path to love, light, peace, prosperity, and freedom.

Take rejection gladly.  Consider that Jesus Christ’s heart was pierced on the cross.  He died on the cross and accepted the rejection of being pierced on the cross in His path to conquering death.  He was put into a grave by the rejectors so that those who chose to live in fear could celebrate without His teachings of Love, His healing in the power of God without costly medicine, His forgiveness without punishment, His miracles without work, His truth without years of submission to discipline, His gifts of accepting children without making them wait until everything was “right”.

It can be scary to live in love, to see others live in love, and to believe in something intangible like Love and Light, the gifts of God.  Yet know what you are safe and protected because God is beyond death – God is Love and Light – God provides for those that walk in His Wisdom, the wisdom of Love, shining His Light on them and restoring them in life and beyond life – raising those of love and light, like Him, giving freedom from death.

Accept rejection from those who do not accept your love so that you can get to who really matters in the eternal life that belongs to those who have faith, hope and belief in Truth, Love and Light.

Freedom, Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity belongs to those who receive the Giver of Life.

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