Autumn Equinox 2017

As we enter into the Autumn Equinox 2017 today September 22nd, it is worth noting a few observations as they relate to syncing your vibrations to what you want for your life.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is the official end of the summer.  The sun is going south.  It’s as if the sun is setting to some degree in the northern hemisphere to rise in the southern hemisphere – it is time for their spring and summer.

So it is reversed for the southern hemisphere.  It’s about to get more sunny there. Wonderful!

Remember – right now things are equal.  Thus it is call the equinox, which means that there is equal light in both hemispheres.

The Sun's Rays are directly over the equator


So for people in the northern hemisphere, we’ll focus on them here because it can be a darker time, or at least darker months, in terms of the sunlight.  And for some, entering into the holiday season can be a dark time emotionally too.  Therefore, it is an occasion to consider what steps you might want to take to maintain your good vibes through the autumn and winter seasons, and absolutely keep any thought of depression at bay.

Biologically, when a person gets less sunlight, they produce less vitamin D, which is a hormone that triggers all sort of functions in the body.  Humans and animals have this way of detecting light in their environments – which in turn leads to instinctive action.  For bears, it’s time to hibernate.  For birds, they fly south.  For humans, perhaps a bit of both, stuffing ourselves to get some winter fat (instinctively) and comfort food (stay happy) while flying back to our nests for more hours of the day, due to less sunlight.   A little noteworthy tip here: consider supplementing vitamin D incrementally as the darkest day of the year (a few months later, around December 21) approaches and taper off after.

Mentally and emotional, it can be helpful to plan out the next few months in light of what you want to see happen.  If holidays are tough for you, then plan out a way to spent your time that would work best for your mental and emotional well-being.  It can be helpful to see light at the end of a tunnel when passing through the darkest part.  Knowing what the next few months look like and planning to enter into the lighter months prepared can be helpful.  It can be helpful to remind yourself, consciously that it is not the end, but rather a season, and a new beginning, new life, is just around the corner.

Remember, this is just because the earth is tilting and the result is the sun is shared more evenly at the upper and lower portions overall through the year.  It keeps the pressure off just the equator.  Overall, it is awesome to have seasons.  It’s amazing really!

For physical activity, it can be the toughest time to stay fit and active.  It’s just cold out in the northern hemisphere!  Of course, there are still options and it depends on your location and environment.  There is only so much that can be done to battle the climate – it is best to work with it.  A small helpful tip here is to pay attention, and if possible stay closer to, a southern facing window as much as possible.  That’s because the sun is going south.  A southern facing window will get a lot more light in the winter months in the northern hemisphere, thus warming it more and balancing out the colder temperatures.  On the contrary, a north facing window will be both colder and getting less sun, doubling the effect of decreasing sunshine.  This small effect can make a huge difference to be aware of and is an important factor in any Feng Shui environment design.

Silhouette Twilight Fresh Sunset by Natalie4 (Pixabay) around the Spring Equinox 2016

Always remember, the sun will come out again tomorrow.  A new day awaits you.

Wish you much love and all the wonders of a blessed life – yes, simply the best for you in your pursuit of happiness.


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