Aligning Your Heart to What You Love

Aligning one’s heart to what one really truly loves is perhaps the most important thing to do in one’s life for so many reasons. This concept really hits home for me currently in my life. For many years of my life, I listened and somewhat picked up on what other people and things outside of me were saying/doing and made it my own. Some things are fine to do this  with while a lot of other things are really meant for me to choose for myself and experience on my own to honestly be able to decide for my heart and my spirit. Age is just a number in accepting concepts such as this, but it is definitely freeing and opens you up to well…LIFE! If you’re having trouble understanding or opening up to aligning your heart to what you truly love (not what society tells you to love or like) we have some personal experiences that have led to some helpful eye-openers on how important it is to mind your heart’s alignment:

  • The heart needs love. It lives for love. Even after it stops beating (in the physical realm), after humans die and pass on, the evidence of missing someone, feeling sad for a loss and happiness when reminiscing on past memories. In more literal terms, isn’t it funny that the heart is one of the primary organs that keeps our bodies alive? Sit on that for a minute…
  • It is interesting that the heart physically keeps the body alive yet it lives for and needs something that is entirely invisible. Some of you may have felt true heartache. Some of you may have also felt true happiness. Heartache feels like the heart itself is burning and emits vibrations throughout the body to feel sadness and pain. Feeling happiness from the heart can emit endorphins that almost feels like an adrenaline rush that motivates you in whatever task you are doing.
  • In a practical sense, the idea of following your heart or a living for love can seem like somewhat of a fanciful, dreamy, or wishful way to live. In terms of logical thinking, daily living, paying bills and getting things done, it could be put at the end of the list or even left off entirely. If you do just a tad bit of research on people who have been very rich or wealthy, many of them will not say that having money and tangible items is why they do what they love to do (which brings them money or wealth). Rather, they do what they are passionate for in life and typically are great providers for the ones they love or causes they believe in.
  • Yes, we must respect the laws of nature and need for survival.  Yet, is one truly really thinking about survival in a long term sense if they neglect what their heart truly needs to live after all? We don’t necessarily, consciously tell our heart to keep beating in order for us to live. But it does it anyway. Does that mean it loves more than it even knows…to have a sole purpose of keeping us alive and healthy? We’ll leave that open-ended for you to ponder.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is all about living from the heart, which is central to the entire focus of the Holy Bible – to love one another!

Even in Japanese culture, they have long recognized a concept called Ikigai. It’s the concept of something that gives you the boost to get up in the morning, the will to live, it’s about the spice of life that extends life.

We also believe that if you are conscious about aligning your heart with mostly things you truly love, that it is rewarding.  If you live by love, it will reward you with the abilities extended from true passion and will lead you to the enjoyment of life until you cease your days.

Tell us how any of these pointers relate to your life and if there’s anything that you would add to the list!

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