Why We Started and Our Values + Commitment

Why We Started Synchronous Vibrations

Synchronous Vibrations is all about the Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the call to Love.

It is about helping you, us, and anyone else who needs it or wants to, to sync one’s vibe with the higher vibe of our Lord Jesus Christ – the true alignment for one’s heart.

What does it mean to sync your vibe or to align your heart?  It is about aligning one’s heart with Love and the One is who Love;  Truthfully, the bigger heart of Love brings you peace, or even more so, love.

The big picture for us is about doing this for ourselves and also doing it together. Ultimately we all want to feel good, do good and in some sense live “the good life”.  This is the true path, the true way, the path of Love, the way of Lord Jesus and our Father God, in unity with the Holy Spirit.

When we talk about vibe, or vibration, it is about that.

It extends to the feeling that one has or gets when they are in a certain environment or around a certain something or person that they love.  Honestly, it is about the presence and feeling of God.

And yes, it is about going up in vibe! To a higher vibe – feeling better, passionate about life, ready to engage and pursue a happy life.  It’s a heavenly feeling and presence.  Good vibes are an understatement; it’s the high vibration of living in alignment with Love.

This is why we started. We discovered this is what every person wants at some level or another, deep down inside: Love.

It is about a connection to Love.  People seek love inherently just by being human. It is a response to the need for love in one’s life.

It is intangible, invisible, yet a driving force behind everything.

It can be called many different things: a North Star, True Love, a Guiding Light.

It is what brings you to life, makes you glow and animates you?  That question and answer is at the core of why we started and our values.

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment is simple: To love. To share in the spirit of love and light. This is at the core of our intention and our commitment. To help others raise their vibration, as individuals, as part of a community.

As we post this on Independence Day, in  The United States of America,  July 4, 2017,  it is important to make note of our values  and commitment regarding freedom and independence.

We believe in the values of independence and freedom, including free speech, respectively, it is our human right to express ourselves and we also believe in the truth.

In declaring independence, the United States of America made a bold move to the declare a Bill of Rights for individuals.  This is in large part why we are able to exist in this way – thanks to the freedom of religion, the freedom to worship, the freedom to love, and the freedom to cherish, praise, and celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we say in the USA and on all our currency, In God We Trust!

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