Vibrations in Everything

Have you ever heard the expression that “someone is not on the same wavelength”.  It’s like two people can be on totally different vibrations, different planes of existence even!

So many expressions that are used in language have to do with vibrations.

The tone of someone’s voice can lead to a better understanding of what that person is actually feeling when they tell you something. For example, your best friend might tell you that she is super excited about an upcoming job interview; however, you might sense from the tone of how she is saying it that she is actually quite nervous. This can be a cue for you to ask questions to help your friend be more open and maybe lose the nervousness she had held in.

Have you ever notice the way a person may start twiddling their thumbs or develop beads of sweat when they get anxious about something? Those signals are totally vibrations! You see? Vibrations are always moving and telling us what we need to know.

Are we syncing together yet? Let’s try something fun! Something where we can all relate to.

Imagine a time when you went on a date for the first time with someone you did not know prior to the arrangement. You’re not quite sure what to say, you don’t know the person at all and you just want to make a good impression.

Let’s throw in the factor that you just want things to go smoothly because it could be an awkward situation if it doesn’t. No matter how much you want to click, sometimes you just don’t. At this moment, your intuition kicks in with the “We’re just not on the same wavelength”. You don’t really think about it all too much, it’s an innate feeling that comes to you.

Here is my personal experience (and I hope you enjoy this story!)  …  My mother and I did not always have a close relationship. There was a span of a few years for us where we’d always argue and just not see eye to eye. Maybe it’s because we’re both Capricorns? I only came to a realization that the best way at that exact moment to mend my relationship with my mother was to simply accept each other for the way we were. We couldn’t change each other, but we could accept that there were things we agreed and disagreed on, naturally. It wasn’t the arguing that kept us so far apart, it was us not vibrating on the same wavelength in acceptance of each other. Now, we have the best relationship and still are 100% ourselves!

We hope that our stories and articles have shed some light on some of the questions that you may have had for yourself about all of the vibrations that are always surrounding us and going through us. We’re all connected and our vibe is being shared with others, in other words!

Let us know in the comments if you have a story about how the vibration of someone or some environment has affected you in some way! 

As always, we love you and love to hear your comments and stories!

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