Syncing Your Vibrations

Have you ever heard of the term, “Where the head goes, the tail follows”? It’s kind of our topic of discussion today — Syncing Your Vibrations.

Just as when you make plans, you may speak them aloud, write them down or set a reminder on your cell phone of the events of the future…But to complete those plans and thoughts you have, the action must take place and preferably around or near the original time you had planned it for.

I can tell you all day, everyday that I promise to make it to work early or on time however, my actions will not sync up with my promises if I in fact get stressed out in the process and loose out on the joy of living from my heart in love.  Kind of catching the drift?

Syncing your vibrations may sound pretty simple. You say you’re going to do something and then just do it, right? Well… It actually takes a lot more patience, less thinking, letting go of resistance.

What is most important is actually listening to your heart in alignment with the heart of God.  This is most importantly, listening and trusting the Lord and Savior, who is one with God – who has the biggest heart of love and the true head of our body in unity of one another in Love.

When we are truly open, our vibrations flow with ease and reach every resource that is needed to receive the message that is meant to be received. It is not always the easiest “simple” thing to get through or accomplish if you are not used to doing it most of the time.

We may try to glaze over or convince ourselves that our actions are logical, but if they are not aligned with our thoughts and end up completely missing what is truly important – and then we miss out on opportunities to manifest our lives in alignment with our true destiny.

Are you seeing how important this is and does it make sense?

Think of it this way — You may have had regrets over something at one point in your life. Did you do something that made you feel remorseful later, like forsaking love in some way?

Did you make a purchase on something that was really not necessary, or even your second choice and not what was important to your mission in life, your true calling and destiny? 

Living by our mind can often hurt us more than we realize later on because we did not live in alignment with the call to love.

Did you miss out on what was really important because you did what you “thought” you needed to do? Did you say something you did not mean OR didn’t say something you really wanted to say to someone special? Whether it be a feeling of wanting to feel happiness, sadness or anger…You must align your actions to the end goal — Syncing your vibrations to what is truly important: loving one another.

Even if your goal is set on evoking feelings of love, your actions must align with getting to that emotion in order for all of your vibrations to sync and make that all happen.

This concept of synchronizing your vibrations is quite universal and central to the Holy Scriptures. 

If you write your true intentions and align them with the bigger heart of love, the loving Spirit of God, you will more likely be able to live in alignment with love, and you’ll start to see a current of loving flowing in your life.   

If you keep sharing your positive and abundant heart of love, you feel good FIRST, and your vibrance will spread to others and even beyond the first people that you shared with.

If you live your life like a love story, you are bound to share the best of yourself, even if you shed some tears, and you’ll probably actually have the best life!

Whatever your intentions are, to see them through completely, be sure to take actions that align with your heart and the bigger heart of love that is God!

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