The Awesomeness of Funding Child Programs

Friends, here’s an experience that drops you into the heart of a village in India, in a way that you may have never seen before.

In The Return, ChildFund’s exciting 360 video, you’ll meet Annapoorna and see how sponsorship dramatically changed her life.

It is exciting to see how ChildFund International and other Child Programs Internationally help to raise the vibration of communities one child at a time.

When you watch the video, you notice how they teach children, put vibrant colored decorations, and images of respected people in their communities on their walls.  By raising up children, those children in turn encourage their parents and other family members in life.

In this beautiful story, Annapoorna returns to her village after she was given the opportunity to go to school, as a result of ChildFund’s program.

She wrote: “The children at my school all dream of a successful life. They want to be doctors, police officers, nurses and engineers, but the road ahead for them is full of troubles. That’s why ChildFund’s support is so important.”

Today, as a mother and teacher, she works to transform the lives of others in her community.

Check out the making of this 360 video.

And the awesome team behind it.

Here is to raising the vibration of children around the world to happiness, peace, love and prosperity.



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