August 2023:  The 30 Day Thessalonica Challenge!

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Please do not hesitate to join based on any cost concerns.  This is an entirely free event. 

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Welcome to


The 30 Day Thessalonica Challenge
that is!

Welcome to The 30 Day Thessalonica Flat Belly CHALLENGE!

Here you are being transported to the ancient Greek city of Thessalonica around the year 50 A.D. when the Thessalonians were first hearing about Jesus from Paul, Silas and Timothy who came to share the good news from Isreal.

You will hear one of the first Epistles, first letters of the gospels, while events were still transpiring, before the other Apostles wrote their gospels.

There were other more powerful cities. But this city had a perfect location for all its needs to be met, being situated strategically between the Mediterranean Sea and Rome. 

And Jesus was working there.  People there must have been praying for the truth.

So the Holy Spirit brought Paul, Silas and Timothy there, one of the cities blessed to hear the gospel of Jesus during their journey through what was then called Asia.

There was a lot of discussion at that time about what was really true about the “gods”.

Some of the people there were genuine people looking for the truth.

But there was so much fakery going on at the time.  False claims, confusion, corruption.

Testing by honest people proved these claims to be untrue.

So they kept seeking.  They were true Kingdom seekers.

So God brought Paul to them.  They rejoiced in hearing the truth.

They recognized it to be true in power, not just words.

They exercised their faith and grew in faith and love.  They knew it was the truth because there was power behind the testimony of Paul, Silas and Timothy and The Word of God.

Paul commended them and encouraged them in faith and to live well.

They were instructed to live pure lives.

So they had to learn how to take care of themselves.

They joined together in community to worship God and also to love one another.

They kept their hope in Jesus’ return and the Kingdom to come.

Paul stayed in touch, encouraging and offering guidance in letters to their church group.

What they hoped for influenced how they lived.

They lived for the glory of God, their heavenly Father.

They became good example for others.

In Thessalonica, the believers lived well, as good examples, shining their lights for the Glory of God, our Father in Heaven, Praise the Lord!

You will be joining with the spirit of the Thessalonians as you journey to Thessalonica for 30 days.  As you join with the Thessalonians, fellow Christians, as you seek the Kingdom of God and the return of Jesus our King.

You look to God to supply all our needs on this journey, as it was with the disciples.  You will be walking with God in the blessing to receive the health that God has for you.

You will gird ourselves for discipline for a flat belly for heart health and digestive health as part of living well.

Within the support of a loving community,

On your walk with God,

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A note from Apostle Paul reminds us of Jesus’ command to Love God and Love Others as we love ourselves… As we seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and Jesus’ return… 


1 Thessalonians 2:19-20

For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? 

Is it not you? 

Indeed, you are our glory and joy.  


During this journey you will be greeted by Apollos from Macedonia, while Paul is away. 

Apollos from Macedonia will be your coach and head trainer for the challenge. 

You will be counseled on staying fit and healthy using the word of God.

You will have the letter from Paul to the Thessonians read to you, as Paul requested.

Apollos from Macedonia will also be sending you letters and providing guidance.  

Most importantly is your walk with God.  In that walk, God calls you to fellowship. 

In the group, we will receive daily trainings and serve each other in a loving community.

So as we seek the Kingdom of God and await the return of Jesus, we live good lives. 

God knows we are only made of dust and has compassion on us. 

As we get started, I encourage you to read Genesis Chapter 1 and Psalms 103.

And take a look at the book of 1 Thessalonians, to get started.

Just the first chapter or two is a great start. 

Sign-up below and we’re getting started in the group on the 1st of the month. 

Just a Few of the Many Benefits

Family Hug

Friends and Family
to be




Gain the Support of a Kingdom-minded Plant-based Community in an Immersive Learning Experience United for a Single Goal 


Improve Heart Health and Digestive Health for a Healthier and Longer Life – Be Happier, Healthier, More Loving and Loved


 A Comprehensive 30-Day Challenge You Can’t Miss!

You Get SO MUCH All In One Challenge!  Read on below: 

  • Consistent Concise Video TRAINING delivered by E-Mail and Facebook Community Group for 30 DAYS!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY SUPPORT, Go LIVE and SHARE, FULL GROUP COACHING, LIVE and in the group, get feedback for 30 DAYS!
  • Gain NEW Insights, Perspectives, and the Opportunity to Learn from Others to achieve HUGE GROWTH on the same path!
  • Keep TRACK Of Your Progress With Study Units, Live & Recorded Training Videos, and Daily Homework Assignments! 
  • Get Into THE SPIRIT And Be Inspired By A Private Online University Style Learning Environment that is Loving and Supportive!
  • Obtain MIND RENEWAL with Valuable NEW MINDSETS, New Recipes, & Resources that help Transform Your Health 
  • Making NEW FRIENDS Is WELCOMED And HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in Our LOVING Community of Plant-based Kingdom Seekers
  • We Love To Offer PRIZES and Bonus Rewards Whenever Possible!  No Promises But We Love To Surprise You and Motivate You!
  • And Of Course, Lots and Lots of Good Vibes in our TRUSTING and LOVING community!

God Loves You And Wants You To Be Healthy! ·

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30 Days of Community

Get 30 days of Community Support within a Loving Community of Like-minded Believers for 30 days where new lifetime friendships can be made.

Course Units

Keep Track Of Your Progress With Study Units, Live & Recorded Training Videos, and Daily Homework Assignments!

Real-Time Accountability

Be Held Accountable to Go LIVE and SHARE in the group to get direct community feedback for 30 days!

Re-Ignited Passion

Get In The Spirit And Be Inspired in a Private Online University Style Learning Environment that is Enthusiastic, Loving and Supportive.

Renewed Mind

Gain Valuable New Mindsets, New Recipes, & Resources that help Transform Your Health

New Friends

Making New Friends Is Welcomed And Encouraged in Our Loving Community of Plant-based Kingdom Seekers.

Social Learning

Gain New Insights, Perspectives, and the Opportunity to Learn from Others on the same path!


We Love To Offer Prizes and Bonus Rewards Whenever Possible! No Promises But We Love To Surprise You and Motivate You!

Lavender stalks being shone on by the sun rising


As you walk this journey with God, we will be with you, in community, supporting you.

You will blossom in the Love of God and the love of others as your challenges yourself.

God love His children dearly and wants you to receive the best life, above all, health.

Yes, God wants the best for you; the best health, the best wealth and the best of love. 

God wants you taken care of and part of the way God does that is through each other. 

Apollos from Macedonia has a letter for you to read below before you sign-up.

Please continue reading, the letter from Apollos, below.   

A Brief Introduction From Apollos:

Greetings Dear Family, Oh Thy Beloved Fellow Kingdom Seeker,
Here is my challenge to you: Will you model the Good Life, the Jesus way, like the Thessalonians did, bringing faith to others?
The Thessalonica Challenge is about getting your standards and routine established so that you can live your best life for your Kingdom calling and see great miracles of God so that others will see what has been accomplished through the works of your faith and faith in God will spread, just like it did with the Thessalonians. 
Others will see the works of your faith and faith in God will spread.
The Thessalonians were model believers because of their faith.  They got everything done by faith.  They got all their work done through faith.  They did their labor out of love for one another.   They had endurance to do good and love one another because of the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
The Thessalonians turned away from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, from heaven, whom God raised from the dead.  The Thessalonians came to know Jesus and His miracles as very true and very real.  They knew and were among some of the people that received the blessings of His good deeds and taking a stand against religious corruption and his kind healing miracles and overflow of food provisions. 
Their faith in God became known EVERYWHERE in the surrounding regions, abroad, and still to this day.   Apostle Paul wrote about their widely known faith and how they were models to other believers.
How did they have such faith?  Because the miracles of Jesus overflowed out of Isreal and over into the rest of the world.
The Greeks were close to Israel and the truth-seekers wanted the TRUTH.  And Jesus was the TRUTH. 
In today’s times, we have the opportunity to live like the Thessalonians, a bit closer to the miracles of Jesus, a bit closer to experiencing a glimpse into the bliss of life when Jesus comes and stays with us for 1000 years. 
But our times, we have the blessing of knowing that Lord Jesus is coming even sooner for us.  Soon friends, soon we will get to enjoy the blessing of The Lord Jesus in our midst here on planet earth once again. 
The wise men of Jesus’ times were called “WISE” because they searched the scriptures and knew of his coming, they watched for him and saw his star, and they traveled to be there with him. 
Being wise is knowing that all that we see around us is not the full truth.  All the things that are WRONG with life are NOT final truth, they are NOT the way of God’s creation. 
The TRUTH is that God still works miracles today to confirm the TRUTH of His promises.
The TRUTH is that we can live the good life, the abundant good life, that God gave us and Lord Jesus Christ came for us to make sure we get it. 
Friends, family and loved ones – let’s get it… let’s get the good life that God has for us, and let’s share it, share it, share it BIG.  We are all ONE under our generous GOD.
Lord Jesus Christ said, “… I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness.” (John 10:10)
The Thessalonica challenge is an extension of the Thessalonian experience from the Holy Scriptures into our modern times in our walk to the good life, blessed to be a blessing, for the Glory of God.  
Through Holy Scripture readings, stories of what it was like back in Thessalonica, and learning from other believers who model this lifestyle, we can get closer to a lifestyle that models believers that want to walk in the way of Jesus. 
It is an blessed opportunity to really establish your standards and routine for mindset, nutrition and exercise. 
Join The 30 Day Thessalonica Challenge Group.  We join together on this Journey for about 30 days.  You can join anytime during the month of August and shine our lights for the Glory of God  by receiving God’s blessings in JESUS name for The Good Life the He paid for us to have. 
Doing this kind of lifestyle will cause you to strength and flatten your belly, gird yourself so to speak, in discipline. 
It turns out there is more to the good life than most people know and only Jesus has the true secret. 
The Thessalonians learned this secret from the ancient scriptures through the revelations of Jesus. 
Will you join the Thessalonians in accessing that secret.  The secret to the blessing, the good life abundantly, to taking and owning what is yours.
God just wants to bless you, so you can be a blessing for the preciousness of life.
The more you take on the challenges where you have to apply faith and use that to help others, the more you are going to get blessed.
God just wants to bless you so you can share that blessing.
Who would have thought the Holy Scriptures would praise the Greek followers for being models, because they got so blessed.  You know what it means, good examples.
Be a good example for others and help others to do so too.
Yes, it starts as a seed.  You are a seed of something miraculous to come.  You are a blessing. 
Each seed is planted to be a blessing.  When it grows, you will be the one to get that blessing. 
Being a blessing to others and being disciplined in our standards and routines are planting seeds.
The word of God is a seed.  When we plant it within us, it produces a harvest of righteousness.
Instead of working for the blessing, we let go and let God bring the harvest out of God’s provision.
It starts with helping someone else with food.  Either to get enough food or to eat more healthy food.
Next you’ll plant a seed by doing by reading your daily mindset devotional.
Next you’ll plant a seed by eating and being active in a way that you know God wants you to.
It turns out that God made a way for a better day. 
We access this secret to the sacred covenant by FAITH. 
We do ALL this by FAITH, in love and fellowship, using God’s system of seed time and harvest.
Knowing that secret unlocks the door to the blessing. 
This secret recipe is simple and has been perfected through the ages.
Blessed is every one who fears the Lord who walk in His ways. 
Will you model the Thessalonians with me? 
Just like with the Thessalonians, by living by faith, you will see great miracles, and others will see the works of your faith and faith in God will spread.
My invitation and challenge to you is to join with Kingdom-seekers to model the Good Life, the Jesus way, like the Thessalonians did, bringing faith to others.
Unite with Kingdom-seekers to practice establishing your standards and routine for 30 days to live your best life and see miracles by faith and discipline. Do it so that you receive more of God’s blessing and live your best life for your Kingdom calling and see great miracles of God in Jesus name. Others will see what has been accomplished through the works of your faith and faith in God will spread, just like it did with the Thessalonians. 
Trust me, for believers, we cannot do it without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at the center of our mindset.   
The more we reflect on God’s word, God’s plan for the Kingdom, the importance of love and the preciousness of all life, the more we open our hearts to hope, love, and compassion, and have the willingness to live by faith with discipline.
That hope in God does not disappoint us, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.  While we have free will to do what we want, we want to use it for good. 
The more we hope, the more we love. And the more we love, the more we hope for a better life for ourselves and others in the Kingdom of God.
This is part of the Kingdom mandate to dominate the Earth with love, which meaning taking care of others and ourselves, and the garden of creation globally.
Like Esther. It’s time our time. 
Now I don’t want to get too serious about it, but I do want you to take this seriously. 
This is a true challenge that I’m talking about here.  
Remember, in face of a CHALLENGE, the Bold And Courageous, like Daniel, like Esther have the unique opportunity to display The Glory Of Our Father And The Majesty Of Our Lord and Savior.
Remember Jesus said in Luke, let your waist be girded and your lamps burning and do good and be ready for the return of Jesus as King!  In which we glory and rejoice together, us, Paul, Peter, all the saints, the Thessalonians, the angels, in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 
Are You Ready To Seize The Moment?
To Be A Shining Light On A Hill… AND LET THE WHOLE WORLD SEE And KNOW That There is A GOOD FATHER In Heaven Who LOVES Them!
When you look back on your life, you will be GLAD to know that you ROSE BOLDLY to the Challenge of living READY for LOVE and LIFE.  
You will know that you rose boldly to the challenge of life to BOLDLY receive the Crown of Life and the Crown of Rejoicing.
We all want to know that we did our BEST to LOVE, SERVE, and CHERISH our CREATOR, each other, our neighbors, and ourselves as the temple of God.
In your service, in love and gratitude,
See you on the journey!

Let’s go forward BOLDY, with COURAGE, and SHINE OUR LIGHTS for the ***GLORY of our Father*** in Heaven!

Pastor Apollos Martin  

Apollos welcomes you on the journey. 

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As a Coach and Consultant since 2012, Apollos has been CHALLENGING people to live their BEST LIVES!

… AND to LIVE the GOOD LIFE, that JESUS promised us as believers!

… Some Comments From Others That Have Worked With Apollos…

Apollos working with others

“Apollos is one of the best among all people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is an achievement oriented and detailed professional with excellent knowledge.” – E.P.

“Thank you for the compassionate words of kindness and encouragement and for being the person that you are.” – A.N

“Apollos was professional, logical, and a creative and skilled.” – E.A. 

“I really like working with Paulo, very professional in his responses and is backed by proven research and adds a creative and dynamic element ” – F.G. 

“Apollos is great.  He treats you like a friend.” – R.M.

“Apollos’ commitment to solutions, timely responses and positive attitude made him a pleasure to work with. I look forward to another opportunity to work with him in the future! – P.S. 

Apollos has been Hosting CHALLENGES since 2020!

… Some Comments From Others …

“Thank you Apollos Martin this was great. It’s just amazing how good this (challenge) is. You have included the most important things.” – K.C.

“Thank you Apollos… I love the idea of focusing on the path and not on the obstacles… Looking forward to my sessions with you.” – K.D

“So happy God is included in this group. I’m finding it hard to find many believers who are choosing to go vegan. Thanks for the encouragement!” – R.M.

“So helpful for me! I have done well! 100% compliant.” – C.P.

“Thank you for continuing the journey. This has been so helpful.” – C.C.

Apollos Martin

Apollos will be your host and head trainer in Thessalonica. 

He is grateful that you are on the journey. 

Continue reading below …

Important Notice

WARNING – This is a Life Changing Event:  This 30 day in-depth and highly-interactive challenge will give you Kingdom Principles that will last a lifetime and help you to be Happier, Healthier, and Have More Love in Life!

The Challenge Starts DAY 1 (the 1st) of the Month!  

Sign-up And Start Preparing Now!




Get and Keep That Flat Belly!

Our Community Values:


Join in community and take action

Rejoicing in Fellowship

‘ .. For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? .. ‘

– 1 Thessalonians 2:19


Nice Salad

Whole Plant Foods

Genesis 1 Whole Plant Foods Vegan  ‘… Every seed-bearing plant, every tree whose fruit contains seed, every green plant .. … for food’ 

– Genesis 1:29-30


Loving God, Loving others, Loving yourself

‘ .. The Lord is One .. Love the Lord your God .. Love your neighbor as yourself .. There is no commandment greater than these .. ‘

– Mark 12:29-31


Circuit Training

‘ .. But, I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should, keep it under control. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified .. ‘

– 1 Corinthians 9:27 ESV,NLT

We Can all Learn From Others and Gain Fellowship on this Unique Life Path We Are Choosing To Walk.  In this Immersive Learning Experience, you will have the Opportunity to Learn and Engage in A Unique Interactive Environment that’s Supportive and Loving. 

Learn From Others With Experience on the Kingdom-minded
Plant-based Eco-friendly Good-vibe Life Path

Join And Experience Kingdom Principles for Prosperity and Discipline in Mindset and Health While Growing in Your Love For Life Within a Loving Community Even During Times of Darkness

Inspired By The Holy Spirit And Informed By Kingdom-Minded Leaders Such As:

Pastors Joel & Victoria Osteen

“Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can.” – Joel Osteen

Pastors Bill & Veronica Winston

Pastor Bill and Veronica Winston

“Doors are opening. You are moving into a season of open doors. Every door you stand before shall be opened to you.” – Bill Winston

Pastors Joseph & Wendy Prince

Pastor Joseph And Wendy Prince Formal Photo

“Look within, get depressed; Look around, get distressed; Look to Jesus, find perfect rest.” – Joseph Prince

Pastors T.D. and Serita Jakes

“My assignment is to shift this church into a higher realm of worship.” – T.D. Jakes

Some final words and closing thoughts in a follow-up letter from Apollos, read below.   

Follow-Up From Apollos:

Dear good steward in the Kingdom of God,

Do you sometimes feel like it’s crazy to be you with such a big heart, yet feel like sometimes you’re doing it all alone? 

Yet you want to be a blessing to others and live the Good Life, the Jesus way, to bring others to faith through your good works? 

Well, you are not alone! You Are NOT Alone! Not by any means! No!

Wasn’t Jesus rejected and not honored by some?

Yet, His people needed Him. And He told his disciples to be in fellowship with each other and to love one another.

How are we supposed to stay loving, healthy, active, fit and vibrant without a community of like-minded believers doing the same???

I can tell you what we should NOT do…

We Should NOT give up… Or GO CRAZY, … Nor Should We Do Nothing About It!

JESUS needed to be with his people.

He healed people and taught about the Kingdom of God, Forgiveness, much more, but above all, as He said, was LOVE.

While we may be experiencing challenges… We do NOT need to be alone…

JESUS taught us to HEAL ONE ANOTHER and to be in fellowship to LOVE ONE ANOTHER… Can’t we do the same?

My name is APOLLOS MARTIN, your host at the Synchronous Vibrations University, host of the The 10 Day Daniel 1:12 Challenge and The 30 Day Thessalonica Flat Belly Challenge, and I personally made the shift away from what didn’t work…

I put stressed out living behind me to become happier, healthier, more spiritually aware, eco-conscious, and loving every part of existence.

Let me be honest, I love working hard.  I found that it is important to have the right fuel for my body for high performance.  

It turns out our bodies need the right fuel and to be in good vibes and a life purpose aligned with the Kingdom of God. 

What set me free was Jesus’ Kingdom Principles for the right Mindset, and a Kingdom Community that actively supported each other.

A foundation of Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset built on the KINGDOM Principles that JESUS taught me was the KEY to healing my body, mind and spirit!

And I learned that above all, life is about LOVE.

I challenge you to join me in THE 30 DAY THESSALONICA FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE – 30 Days to Establish your Standards and Routine in Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset.

In your service,



– The 30 Day Thessalonica CHALLENGE for the Bride Of Christ –

We’ve shared a little bit about us here, but really this is about your story, your health, your community, your happiness, and your bigger family out there that you’re looking for and that’s looking for you.  

Will YOU Step Into This Kingdom-Centered Community Of Like-Minded Believers Joining Together To Be Happier, Healthier, More Loving and Loved … United for a Single Goal for the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ???

Join Now:

Yes, I am IN! I Absolutely Want To Join!

“But I Discipline My Body And Keep It Under Control, Lest After Preaching To Others I Myself Should Be Disqualified. – 1 Corinthians 9:27

@syncvibrations on FB and IG

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