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We care. We can’t help it. We know how important quality is to be the consumer and to our shared environment and communities.  We take care to source responsibility as a core value.

We launched our own store and recommend solutions for various reasons.  The stores allow us to share quality products, services and information that help people, raise the vibration of the people and planet involved, and help to raise funds for various projects that we support.

We want to share a positive vibration with humanity while tending to the concerns of nature in return and also in great respect the vision and plan of our Lord Jesus Christ in returning and restoring the Earth and the Kingdom.

Everything comes from nature, from Spirit, from a great heart of Love. We care about balance between human lifestyles and natural ecosystems. This is a core value of Sync Vibrations.

Remember, the more we collectively use our buying power to choose responsible products and services that enhance human life and foster natural ecosystems and lifestyles, the faster change happens for the better. We gladly participate in this worthy effort as part of our role in tending to the garden of planet earth.

We choose to be in the vibration of LOVE and we help others to live a life of love, Through love, we can have amazing relationships with all of existence.

Our Synchronous Vibrations Shop:

  • Offering vibrational alignment services, university programs, and a variety of products including music pendants, love pendants, and Lord Jesus pendants.
  • 10 % of Sync Vibrations Store Profits go to charities
  • Store orders are always a priority. Customer happiness is key to our mission.
  • Store URL:
  • Contact us with any questions!

We also host The Cross Necklace Shop to support Christian Charity giving.

The Cross Necklace Shop:

  • Offering a variety of Cross Necklaces and other cross related Christian merchandise.
  • 50 % of The Cross Necklace Shop Profits go to charities
  • Store orders are always a priority. Customer happiness is key to our mission.  The Cross Necklace Shop is owned and run by Sync Vibrations as part of our charity fund raising efforts.
  • Store URL:
  • Contact us with any questions!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason. We love you and look forward to hearing from you.

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