‘Painting The Impossible” by Akiane Kramarik

This story impacted me so much along with the Heaven is For Real movie. I will never be the same. My life has been transformed by this.

Jesus came to me and so I know He is real.  This story and image are totally consistent with my experience and increased my faith 1000%.  It’s not just me.  Jesus is real and lives.  The experience is similar to Sister Faustina’s story.

The image painted by Akiana is so powerful and so real it’s breathtaking;  It makes me speechless.

I feel the need to bow and pray. And weep. It is so beautiful. Bless His Holy Name and image.

This story needs to be told to everyone.  People having these experiences need to share so that we know we are not along and we can strengthen each other’s faith.

The images that St. Faustina saw was the same image and vision that Jesus showed Doreen Virtue, which transformed her life too.

This is consistent with the Holy Scriptures.  The scriptures say to seek His face.  He lives on.  He still comes to people.  He is real.

He’s telling me to do music but I don’t know how to do yet.   I hear music and I want to.

The scriptures also say to make new music for Him.  Please pray for me on how and to do it.

I trust the Lord Jesus’ shepherding on this.   May His will be done.

May we bless Lord Jesus Christ.

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