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Anthony William is known as the Medical Medium. Since the age of 4, he has received messages and guidance from Spirit regarding medical issues.

Now as an adult, he has several books published regarding what he has learned. Over the years, he has earned countless testimonials from people who received healing through following the messages received regarding health and medical issues.

His website is:

I first heard about him from a friend who mentioned that he was at a conference in Los Angeles, California.  I took a quick look and thought he bio seemed interesting; however, the timing wasn’t right for me to dive into more details or go to the conference in LA.  A few years later, I started to hear other people talk about his books.  In 2018, I decided to learn more about him and purchased his book Liver Rescue.

I’ve been reading his book and it is quite amazing.  Much of the information he shares is totally different than what I had learn from studying health articles and learning from other fitness professional over the years.  In fact, some of the efforts that I made to be healthy actually were hurting my body, which is why I needed his book.  As I’ve learned since then, I was not alone in that scenario.  Many people attempting to get healthy following standard medical advice had similar situations; it made them worse.

His original book that tells his story along with the overview information is called Medical Medium.

In my personal experience, I received healing through Spirit.  Therefore, it was naturally for me to feel comfortable giving his book a read.  The fact that there are so many people getting healed from Spirit and from the advice of Spirit is both encouraging and a measure of science.  If the benefits can be measured and reproduced, that’s what we all want anyway.

So far, just following some of the basic recommendations, like drinking celery juice and eating the foods he recommends, I’ve felt incredible energy, clarity and enthusiasm.

Today, I discovered that he has a free healing course on his Medical Medium website.  I am so excited, so I feel the need to share it.  It is called The Healing Path.  It is found here.

He is also on Hay House Radio, currently on Mondays at 3 pm.

And on Instagram: @medicalmedium

Thank you Holy Spirit and Thank you Anthony William!

Anthony William |  Source: Medical Medium Website



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