The Christian Spiritual Deliverance Program by Synchronous Vibrations University provides spiritual deliverance and spiritual purification from difficult life challenges, including depression, low energy, confusion, lack of motivation, emptiness, entity / demon issues, and the like, through guidance on Loving Our Creator through learning about our Creator and our Creator’s ways. Aligning One’s Spirit, Renewing One’s Mind, and understanding the reasons for going to Community Church.

It is a Christ-based program designed as it is written: to remove obstacles from The Lord’s people to prepare the way for His coming to earth as King and Godhead.

“Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.” – Isaiah 57:14

The outline below will provide you with additional information.

Christian Spiritual Deliverance Program Outline:

Activate Your Spirit

Comprehensive Forgiveness & Activating the Love of Spirit

Holy Communion in Truth and Spirit

Energy Cultivation, Activating Healing from Spirit

Activation Worksheet

Renew Your Mind

Reminders that You are Loved and Protected

Holy Sermons and Readings to Renew Your Mind in Truth, Spirit and Love

Mnemonic Aids in Mind Renewal Patterning

Audio Visual in Truth to Stay Grounded & Steadfast in Faith and Hope

Community Gatherings

Community Church Support in Raising Your Vibration

Small Group Support in Staying on Path

Praise Events, Letting Go, Casting Out All Resistance

Crown of Rejoicing

Align your vibe to Love. Get into the new you! Move forward with getting out of the old way and into the new way.

FREE, no charge.

Please contact us if you have any questions.