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Join Synchronous Vibrations Ministry & University Founder and THE 10 DAY DANIEL 1:12 CHALLENGE Trainer APOLLOS MARTIN in this modern day challenge … see message from APOLLOS below:

From Apollos Martin:

Greetings Kingdom Seeker, 

In Times Of Great Challenge, The Bold And Courageous, Like Daniel, Have A Unique Opportunity To Display The Glory Of Our Father And The Majesty Of Our Lord!!!

Are You Ready To Seize The Moment?

To Be A Shining Light On A Hill… For The World To See And Know That There is A Good Father In Heaven Who Loves Them??

There Are Simple, Never-Changing, Kingdom Principles That Help You To Shine Brightly, Not Just Survive…

Even In Times Of Darkness…

With our Good Shepherd JESUS leading us…

What If There Was A Way To Not Only Grow A Group of Friends…

AND Make a MASSIVE Impact For Your Health And Others As A Bride of Christ For The Kingdom of God?

Join Me with Other Like-Minded Children of the Kingdom of God And Special Surprise Guests For THE 10 DAY DANIEL 1:12 CHALLENGE. 

You Will Have A Royal Seat In This Training Absolutely For FREE During The 10 Days of this immersive KINGDOM CHALLENGE.

Together We Will Boldly Declare And Receive The Gifts of God in the Spirit of Love and Discipleship. 

When we look back on life, we want to know that we rose to the challenge of life to BOLDLY receive the Crown of Life.  

We want to know that we did our BEST to LOVE, SERVE, and CHERISH our Creator, each other, and ourselves as the temple of God.  

JOIN ME and other kingdom-seekers in this 10 day plant-based Daniel 1:12 challenge and let’s shine together for JESUS! 

In your service,

Apollos Martin


Meet Your Host And Head Trainer Apollos Martin

Time Sensitive: This 10 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge is HAPPENING NOW.  Sign-up and get involved now.  It will give you Kingdom Principles for Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset to help you be Happier, Healthier, and Have More Love in Life within a Loving Online Community. 

Inspired by The Holy Spirit and Informed by Kingdom-minded Leaders such as:

Joel Osteen Inspirational Quote

“Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can.” – Joel Osteen

Bill Winston - God Opens Doors

“I’m about my Father’s business” – Pedro Adao

“Doors are opening. You are moving into a season of open doors. Every door you stand before shall be opened to you.” – Bill Winston

“Look within, get depressed; Look around, get distressed; Look to Jesus, find perfect rest.” – Joseph Prince

TD Jakes Quote

“You need to change the headlines over your life. God isn’t hurting you, He’s positioning you.” – T.D. Jakes

“I arm you with the truth about some of the most misunderstood topics in health trends that can harm our well-being.” – Anthony Williams

Join Us and Experience Kingdom Principles for Prosperity and Discipline in Mindset and Health While Growing in Your Love For Life Within a Loving Community Even During Times of Darkness

… Some Comments From Others That Have Worked With Apollos…

Apollos working with others

“Apollos is one of the best among all people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is an achievement oriented and detailed professional with excellent knowledge.” – E.P.

“Thank you for the compassionate words of kindness and encouragement and for being the person that you are.” – A.N

“Apollos was professional, logical, and a creative and skilled.” – E.A. 

“I really like working with Paulo, very professional in his responses and is backed by proven research and adds a creative and dynamic element ” – F.G. 

“Apollos is great.  He treats you like a friend.” – R.M.

“Apollos’ commitment to solutions, timely responses and positive attitude made him a pleasure to work with. I look forward to another opportunity to work with him in the future! – P.S. 

Apollos has been Hosting CHALLENGES since 2020!

… Some Comments From Others …

Hosting the Daniel Challenge in 2020

“Thank you Apollos Martin this was great. It’s just amazing how good this (challenge) is. You have included the most important things.” – K.C.

“Thank you Apollos… I love the idea of focusing on the path and not on the obstacles… Looking forward to my sessions with you.” – K.D

“So happy God is included in this group. I’m finding it hard to find many believers who are choosing to go vegan. Thanks for the encouragement!” – R.M.

“So helpful for me! I have done well! 100% compliant.” – C.P.

“Thank you for continuing the journey. This has been so helpful.” – C.C.

Bishop T.D. and Serita Jakes

“My assignment is to shift the church into a higher realm of worship.” – T.D. Jakes

Listen to this sermon to get a feel for the shift to the Zion mentality of “ZOIN IS CALLING ME.”

– A 10 Day Daniel 1:12 CHALLENGE for the Bride Of Christ –

I’ve told you a bit about me here, but really this is about your story, your health, your community, your happiness, and your bigger family out there that you’re looking for and that’s looking for you.  

Will YOU Step Into This Kingdom-Centered Community Of Like-Minded Believers Joining Together To Be Happier, Healthier, More Loving and Loved … So You Can Look Healthier and More Nourished in 10 Days???

Get All This FREE!

10 Days Of Concise Training

Receive Consistent Concise Video Training in The 10 Day Daniel 1:12 Challenge every day for 10 DAYS!

10 Days of Group Coaching

Get Group Coaching on Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset directly in the Challenge group for 10 days!

10 Days of Community

Get 10 days of Community Support within a Loving Community of Like-minded Believers for 10 days where new lifetime friendships can be made.

Course Guides

Keep Track Of Your Progress With Study Guides, Live & Recorded Training Videos, and Daily Homework Assignments for 10 days!

Real-Time Accountability

Be Held Accountable to Go LIVE and SHARE in the group to get direct community feedback for 10 days!

Re-Ignited Passion

Get In The Spirit Like Daniel And Be Inspired in a Private Online University Style Learning Environment that is Enthusiastic, Loving and Supportive.

Renewed Mind

Gain Valuable New Mindsets, New Recipes, & Resources that help Transform Your Health!

New Friends

Making New Friends Is Welcomed And Encouraged in Our Loving Community of Plant-based Kingdom Seekers. Stay united with the body of Christ!

Social Learning

Gain New Insights, Perspectives, and the Opportunity to Learn from Others on the same path!


We Love To Offer Prizes and Bonus Rewards Whenever Possible! No Promises But We Love To Surprise You and Motivate You!

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“But I Discipline My Body And Keep It Under Control, Lest After Preaching To Others I Myself Should Be Disqualified.” – 1 Corinthians 9:27

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