Spiritual Expo Events

The spring and summer season are a great time of the year for conferences and expo events.  Due to the warmer weather, it makes travel a bit easier and it is generally nicer to be outdoors and traveling.  It’s also a great time for expanding consciousness and knowledge in the areas of light and love, … [Read more…]

Sharing about my Lord Jesus Christ

He saved me…  Humbly, I admit, many times, from total destruction, more than I even know. As such, I have learned forgiveness, for I have been greatly forgiven.  And I am humbled now, and strengthened.  The temptation to fear exists, or to be proud, but neither are justified.  Rather, a new path is open – … [Read more…]

Syncing Your Vibrations

Have you ever heard of the term, “Where the head goes, the tail follows”? It’s kind of our topic of discussion today — Syncing Your Vibrations. Just as when you make plans, you may speak them aloud, write them down or set a reminder on your cell phone of the events of the future…But to … [Read more…]

Vibrations in Everything

Have you ever heard the expression that “someone is not on the same wavelength”.  It’s like two people can be on totally different vibrations, different planes of existence even! So many expressions that are used in language have to do with vibrations. The tone of someone’s voice can lead to a better understanding of what … [Read more…]